About The Epoch Times Chinese Newspaper Queensland

In 2000, a fledgling news publication was started up in a small basement in Atlanta, USA in response to growing demand for free information on China. In just 15 years the publication quickly grew into the largest, independent Chinese-language news network in the world – spanning 35 different countries and now publishing in 21 languages.

In 2010, the Epoch Times Chinese Newspaper branch was established in Queensland and quickly became the most popular media outlet for the local Chinese community.

How are we different?
In Australia, many Chinese media outlets avoid reporting on sensitive or political issues in mainland China1. Our key point of difference is our strict adherence to journalistic integrity and the right to freedom of information.

Fast and continuous growth
This unique approach has resonated with Chinese-Asian communities around the world. In Australia we now publish five separate print editions each week and receive 100,000 unique visitors to our website each month.

Leverage our trusted brand
Our reputation for insightful and award-winning reporting has cultivated a loyal and growing readership – a foundation you can leverage and engage to achieve your marketing and business goals.

What does ‘Epoch’ mean?
Epoch Times is translated from the Chinese words 大紀元 (pronounced Da Ji Yuan) which means ‘the grand epoch.’ The name alludes to a grand or historic period of time – which refers to the current time and a new age of independent media coverage.