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Freedom of the press and humanity are the foundation of The Epoch Times; our beginnings hailed from a great need to provide uncensored news to a people immersed in propaganda and censorship in China.

Having witnessed events like Tiananmen Square and the persecution of the spiritual group Falun Gong, and at a great risk to themselves and their loved ones, a group of Chinese-Americans started publishing The Epoch Times in the Chinese language in the U.S. Some reporters in China were jailed, and some suffered severe torture.

Integrity and truthfulness in reporting, together with the stories that really matter, are cornerstones to The Epoch Times.

The first English edition launched online in 2003 followed by the first print edition in 2004. Our beginnings have instilled in The Epoch Times staff an unwavering commitment to objective reporting and socially responsible business practices, as well as respect for human rights and freedom.

Big fish in a growing pond
Did you know that there are over 1.1 million ethnic Chinese residing in Australia?

Mandarin Chinese is now the second most spoken language in Australia after English. (Census, 2011)

Immigration from Mainland China has grown dramatically. China is now the second largest source of permanent migrants. (Department of Immigration and Border Protection, 2014)

Over a million Chinese globetrotters visit Australia each year. They’re also the highest spending visitor group (Tourism Australia, 2014) and have become affectionately known as the world’s largest walking wallets.
China is the largest single nation contributor to the international student population in Australia. (Australian Bureau of Statistics, 2011)

More opportunities
Cashed-up Chinese consumers are actively on the lookout for goods and services related to luxury, health, education, property, cars, travel, family and household goods.

China is the No. 1 source of foreign investment in Australia’s real estate market. (CLSA, 2013)

Chinese consumers are the world’s No. 1 buyer of luxury goods. They’ve demonstrated unparalleled buying power everywhere. (Bain & Co., 2012)

Stable market
Chinese people are exceptional savers and extraordinary consumers.